Our favourite thing has been the local community and the support that we’ve had from them.
We’re a community bakery and my front of house team knows the vast majority of our customers by name, and it really feels like a sort of family.
Andy Strang
Owner, Bread By Bike
What was there before?

Before the bakery opened in May 2017, the unit was used by another local business, a health food shop called Bumblebee, which is still on the street.

What’s the story behind the business?

Andy started playing around with sourdough baking in his flat for friends, then friends of friends, whilst finishing his PhD thesis in Physics. 

From there, Andy set up a “microbakery in a local cafe and baked alone six days a week, learning the process”, before moving to Brecknock Road. He built the bakery “on a shoestring budget” with crowdfunding, but from the start, there was real interest from the local area and people have supported them from day one.

What’s the best thing you can buy?

The hippie bread!

“It is really distinctive to us and what we won the World Bread Awards for in 2019. It's a seeded sourdough with a load of sunflower flax, poppy and pumpkin seeds in, and it's just a super, super tasty loaf.”

What’s your favourite thing about being in KT?

“The local community and the support that we've had from them. People have been so receptive to the business and that’s so much about what made me interested in doing it in the first place; creating a community bakery where we'd have that really nice interaction with the local people. 

My front of house team knows the vast majority of our customers by name, and it really feels like a sort of family.”

How can people in KT support them? 

Follow their Instagram and join their mailing list on the website. On the website you can also order for collection at the bakery or home delivery. 

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