We’re a bit like a museum with a showroom of Palestinian crafts.
As a social enterprise, we raise awareness about the human rights situation in Palestine through our food, cultural events and products.
Nandita Dowson
Owner, Cafe Palestina
What was there before?

There was another cafe before Cafe Palestina moved into the unit in 2017, so “it's been a hospitality venue for a while.”

What’s the story behind the restaurant?

Cafe Palestina is a social enterprise. Nandita set it up to support another charity called CADFA, which promotes awareness about the human rights situation in Palestine. This is a cause close to Nandita’s heart as, “I've been married to a Palestinian for a long time. My family is Palestinian. My food at home is Palestinian.”

Opening the cafe was an opportunity to raise the profile of Palestine on the high street with  food and products: “We wanted to bring the name out there and let people come in to talk about it. It's a normal part of the world with normal people in.” 


What’s the best thing on the menu?


It’s a very famous Palestinian rice dish whose name translates literally as “upside down.” Traditionally, it is made by cooking meat and vegetables and putting them in the bottom of a pan. Then, rice and spices are put on top and the whole dish is cooked through with broth. At the end, it is flipped over and served! 

Any fun facts? 

Cafe Palestine is far more than somewhere to eat, it is also “a bit like a museum, well a modern one, because there's a showroom” of Palestinian cultural items. School children sometimes come to look around and learn more about the human rights issues in Palestine.

What’s your favourite thing about being in KT?

“We love it around here! There seems to be quite a warm feeling. And we noticed once we opened again after the pandemic, people were waiting for us to open again.”

How can people in KT support them? 

Can come in and eat, and see what else we do! How about Arabic classes, supper clubs, Saturday morning kids clubs and more.

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