Our natural wines are very dear to my heart. We trust our suppliers and their growers.
Customers might not know that we’re completely vegan. We focus on being conscious about what you’re eating in terms of where it comes from.
Julia Björk
Head of Wine, Fields Beneath
What was there before?

Nothing! Before Gavin moved into the unit in October 2012, the beautiful space under the arch of Kentish Town West station had lain empty for a year. It had previously been a station office, but it was refurbished along with the units which now house the brewery and bike shop.

What’s the story behind the shop? 

Gavin became interested in the food industry as he “enjoyed making food for people and getting the instant gratification of them enjoying it and the customer interaction, chatting to people in short but sweet amounts of time” and was “blown away” by how great coffee could be at a coffee festival in 2009.

Three years later, Fields Beneath opened. The cafe followed in Gavin’s footsteps and turned vegan in 2017.

What’s the best thing you can buy?

Fields Beneath now also operates as a bottle shop, complete with wine tastings and wine bar evenings. Julia is super passionate about their natural wines and would choose one of their “sparkling Portuguese wines. Any of our natural wines are very dear to my heart. I trust our suppliers and the growers behind them.”

Any fun facts?

“A lot of people say, do you have “normal” milk, which is something we get thrown off by, because what’s normal to you is not normal to me, but we love to have that open conversation.”

How can people in KT support them?

Come to one of their wine events, sign up to their monthly newsletter for the latest information on the wine evenings and follow their Instagram to stay up to date.

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