My background is in the arts, but I’ve always loved the idea of a general store.
At Kentish Town Stores you can come in, get a coffee, and walk out with some of our baked goods, lunch, or a piece of pottery.
Luci Noel
Owner, Kentish Town Stores
What was there before?

Before Kentish Town Stores opened in 2019, its two units hadn’t been publicly accessible since the beginning of the 90s, as it was storage for Morgan’s, the stationers, and then used by Crossroads Women’s Centre.

Luci has lots of theories about the building’s past and thinks it may have been many things over the years, including an ancillary building for the bank, a launderette, a greengrocer, and a sweet shop.

What’s the story behind the shop?

Luci’s background is arts, but she had always loved the idea of a general store as “somewhere you can go that's part of the community that covers lots of your needs.” At Kentish Town Stores you can come in and get a coffee and a loaf of bread and walk out with some flowers or a piece of pottery.


What’s the best thing you can buy?

When it comes to art, Luci highlights Lily Pearman’s bud vases, a weirdo vase by Lilly Maetzig at Mae Ceramics and Bisila Noha’s functional pieces.

If you’re hungry, there’s a “monthly changing menu, with local sustainable and seasonal produce” including delicious sandwiches such as Philly cheese steak KTS-style and Korean aubergine.

What’s your favourite thing about being in KT?

“North London has so many creative roots, but Kentish Town Stores is one of only a few younger creative businesses representing creatives themselves. KT changes on a daily basis and it's been a bit grimy around the edges, but it's always full of life.” 


How can people in KT support them? 

“Come and visit for coffee, art and south-facing benches which make Kentish Town Stores one of KT’s best suntraps.” They have an Instagram page, Facebook and a website with an online shop.

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