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Sanjay Sakeria
Store Manager, Morgan's Stationery
What was there before?

Before becoming a stationery shop, the unit was an art and picture framing shop called Artilia.  

Previous to that it was a clothes shop. When moving into the KT shop 20 years ago, staff found clothes hangers in the back of the shop from the previous owners hinting at its former life.

What’s the story behind the business? 

 Morgan’s Stationery has been established for over 65 years. In the sixties, Alfred Morgan opened a chain of stationers with five shops across central London. The KT branch was the fifth, originally located further down the street, next door to where Lidl now stands.

Three generations of Morgan’s have run the stationers, and the KT branch is the last remaining shop owned by the family. Sanjay currently takes the lead on the shop floor.

What’s the best thing you can buy?

Their speciality is Lammy fountain pens. 

“We do a range in limited edition colours, and they are lovely. We sell hundreds of them and they’re refillable, which is good for the environment.”

Any funny stories?

“I had a customer who bought a mathematical compass once and he came back a week later and said that he’d been down to the forest and it didn't give him directions of which way to go, whether it was north, east, south or west. I had to tell him it was the wrong type of compass…” Oops!


How can people in KT support them?

Morgan’s Stationery sells on Amazon and eBay, but if you live locally, these orders are still sent out of London to be redelivered back into the city, so consider the environment and shop local!

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