We're a pub of the community.
If you’re in the area on a Sunday, our delicious roasts are a popular attraction, stuffed inside huge yorkshire puddings.
Tai Hattingh
Bar Supervisor, Oxford Tavern
What was there before?

The building is relatively new, built in around 1875, but there have been taverns in KT long before it became the bustling metropolitan area it is today. In the middle ages, farmers would stop off on their way up north to rest their horses and stay the night. 

Tai has been working at The Oxford Tavern for three years.

What’s the best thing you can buy?

The pub sells itself as going back to the roots of pub culture: “a standard boozer with good cask ales.” For something a little different - and much sweeter - Tai recommends the Sheep Dog peanut butter whisky.

If you’re in the area on a Sunday, their roasts are a popular attraction, stuffed inside huge yorkshire puddings.

What’s your favourite thing about being in KT?

“I'd say this pub in particular is very popular with the locals and we've got our set of regulars. We're a pub of the community.”

What’s something people may not know about you? 

“We're really big on music here.” Every Monday, there's a jazz club and on Tuesdays Irish folk and Americana music. Tai’s keen to add a DJ to the roster on a Friday night too, and you may even spot him behind the decks, as he’s been learning how to DJ. 

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear Tai’s specially-selected playlists, covering a range of genres depending on the night and vibe. 

How can people in KT support them?

Show up! If you want to stay up to date with the latest, they’ve got Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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